Welcome to the New “Strom Holdings ABUniverse”

The New ABU team is very proud of the ABDL community and we are overjoyed that we now get to play a major role that will further bring the ABDL community together. Through honesty, transparency and consistency, we hope to raise the bar and the expectation of what should be considered the “ABDL Product Buying Experience.” It Is ABU’s promise that going forward we will maintain a strong focus on customer support, product development, and a response time that is unprecedented. It is our goal to continually show how much we care.

A Little About Our Team

The owners, Casey Strom and Michael Lewis, have managed and operated two successful growing companies over the past 8 years. The best part about our team is that everyone is ABDL and active in their local community and online.

ABU Values & Vision

We strongly believe that the ABDL community needs people that are willing to speak openly about infantilism. We hope to help others to better understand regression and to educate them. Specifically driving home that regression is extremely common, emotionally healthy, and 100% safe. We know first hand that regression is a great method to decompress, lower stress, and defeat depression. For many, being ABDL is a healthy coping tool and we will continue to encourage the lifestyle through our products and values.


  • If you checkout by 1:00PM Pacific Time your order will be shipped the following business day or sooner.
  • Credit card charges will show up as "STROM".
  • Shipping will always be in plain, opaque packaging, and display STROM or Strom Holdings as the ship-from name showing our address and the alternate phone number for Strom Holdings in case someone calls us back.
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