1. Cancellations, Returns, & Refunds

A) Customer MUST contact ABUCares.com to request an order cancellation or any other modification. ANY cancellation request received within one hour of the receipt of the order (known as the GRACE PERIOD) will be honored.
B) Cancellation of an order that is in transit WILL incur a Restock Fee (the original item shipping cost).
C) Orders that have been delivered, or otherwise left possession of the shipping carrier, are NOT eligible for return or refund. White Diapersuits are an exception to this; they are eligible for return within 30 Days of order receipt.
D) Orders that are returned to sender, having never left possession of the carrier, are ELIGIBLE for reshipment with the customer paying shipping costs, or refund, minus a restock fee. Reshipment or restock fee may be waived if fault, and therefore cause of the package being returned, is determined to be on the shipping carrier.

2. Order Adjustments

A) Orders that have not yet left the warehouse are eligible for adjustments with no charge. This may delay shipping until the following day if the request is received close to daily pickup time.
B) Changing the delivery address of an order in transit WILL incur a cost (known as the Intercept Fee). Orders are not guaranteed to be eligible for modification while in transit.

3. Shipping

A) Shipping daily cutoff is 11AM. Orders received AFTER cut-off are not guaranteed to process and ship on the same day.

4. Liabilities

A) Some diapers are printed with an outside ink layer. This ink may transfer off of the plastic to other surfaces, through friction and/or application of substances, including but not limited to, oils, lotions, and creams. ABUniverse is NOT LIABLE for discoloration resulting from ink transfer.
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Brexit Disclaimer

Regarding Shipping to Europe from our UK Warehouse:

Welcome to ABU Europe! Our EU packages have always shipped from our U.K. warehouse. Brexit has caused problems with shipping, VAT & handling fees, which we know have caused frustration for our customers across the EU and we continue to work on smoothing this process.  In the mean time if you would like to continue to place an order, you may dismiss this window. Below are some great options for other stores in Europe that stock a range of our products. 

For more information on how Brexit has affected our operation, please click HERE!

Here is a list of ABU Resellers operating within the EU: