Update on Canadian Flat Rate Shipping

We want to ensure that everyone is aware of a rate change that is in effect starting now.

The new rate will be $15 USD for every $100 USD spent.

We have new rates in place with all shipping carriers and we have found that the only way we can continue to offer services at a low cost is by offering a tiered rate system by value.


If you spend $99 or less, you will be charged $15 USD for your shipment.

If you spend $100-$199, you will be charged $30 USD for your shipment.

If you spend $200-299, you will be charged $45 USD for your shipment.

This is incredibly fast and affordable shipping to Canada and we have to ensure that our program is sustainable. We know everyone hates surprises which is why we are announcing this after exploring all other options. We will continue to seek even lower cost shipping as we are able!

NOTE: For customs, we are now declaring all goods shipped as “Medical Device”. We have confirmed that this is the best way to maintain a discreet nature in working with customs.


We sincerely appreciate your patience on this!


-ABU North America

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Brexit Disclaimer

Regarding Shipping to Europe from our UK Warehouse:

Welcome to ABU Europe! Our EU packages have always shipped from our U.K. warehouse. Brexit has caused problems with shipping, VAT & handling fees, which we know have caused frustration for our customers across the EU and we continue to work on smoothing this process.  In the mean time if you would like to continue to place an order, you may dismiss this window. Below are some great options for other stores in Europe that stock a range of our products. 

For more information on how Brexit has affected our operation, please click HERE!

Here is a list of ABU Resellers operating within the EU: