Temporary Site Closure While We Resolve Shipping To Europe From UK.

Welcome to ABU Europe! Our European operation is based in the UK, and all packages are shipped out of the UK warehouse. The UK's departure from the EU and Customs Union has caused several issues relating to the import of our products into the EU and as a result we have temporarily closed the site.

We are working to make ordering from ABU EU as seamless an experience as possible with the help of the "International One Stop Shop" scheme. The IOSS means that orders with a total value under €150 will be delivered without the need for you to pay import/customs fees and import VAT. This should be in place in the next few weeks, at which time we will reopen the website.

Below are some great options for other stores in Europe that stock a range of our products. For more information on how Brexit has affected our operation, please click HERE!

Here is a list of ABU Resellers operating within the EU:

Belgium: https://www.diaper-heroes.be/

Czech Republic: https://www.inkopleny.cz/

France: https://diaper-minister.com/

Sweden: https://www.maxdiaper.com/

Norway: https://www.dlshop.no

Finland: https://www.care2play.fi