Important shipping information

This page is outdated. To the new version.

We can finally announce that we are capeable of shipping from our UK warehouse back to the European market.

Do I have to pay customs fees?

Orders up to an item value of 150 € are exempted from customs import fees. You will pay your countries VAT rate on these orders on checkout.

What is considered item value?

Item value does not include VAT or Shipping. As example, you can pay 170 € in a 80-Diaper order of PeekABUs because the Item value is below 150 €.

How can I make sure DPD does not charge me with Import fees?

If you check out your order and see that we are charging you VAT rates your order will be directly shipped to you without the need of customs.

If you don't see Taxes on checkout, DPD will send you a separate import invoice for you to pay taxes plus a fee for handling the import taxes.

Can I make multiple orders?

Yes you absolutely can, you will have to pay shipping costs for each separate order.

I want to order a large quantity

In this case, you can either place multiple orders or make a big order. If your order value goes above €150 item value, DPD will charge your regular import taxes and fees. As they operate from the Netherlands, you will have to pay 21% and a small DPD handling fee.

I ordered over 150 € accidentally

You can cancel the order within 1 hour of order placement on your order confirmation site, otherwise please open a support ticket.

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