Mixed cases

The way we handled mixed cases in the past has now changed. We replaced the old method with a different method. 

In the past, we offered fixed discounts on 4 and 8 packs. So, your 5th or 9th pack wouldn't be covered by discounts. This has changed fundamentally, now you receive a discount starting 4+ packs.

We also stopped selling mixed cases as their product, now the discount will be automatically applied once you have 4+ packs in your cart. Please see the discount rates below.

Your discounts will be applied in your cart.

Mixed case discounts

These discounts will apply whenever you have different packs in your cart.

As example:

  • 2x PeekABU
  • 1x 4-Tape Bunny Hopps
  • 1x DinoRawrZ
  • 1x Cushies

This would apply a 12,5% discount on all diapers by ABUniverse.

Number of packs Discount percentage
4+ Packs of ABUniverse diapers 12,5%
Offbrand diapers (Tena, Betterdry, Crinklz) 0% 

Volume discounts on ABUniverse Diapers

These discount will apply whenever you have 4+ amount of the same product e.x. PeekABU in your cart.

As example:

  • 4x PeekABU

This would apply a 12,5% discount.

To receive a volume discount on ABUniverse Diapers, just add any diapers by ABUniverse to your cart.

Number of packs Discount percentage
4+ Packs of ABUniverse diapers 12,5%
4+ Packs of PowerUps™ Europe 12,5%
4+ Packs of Crinklz (all versions)
4+ Packs of Tena (all versions)


Can I mix both discounts?

It is possible to mix volume and mixed case discounts in your order.


  • 2x PeekABU Medium (12,5% Mixed Case discount)
  • 2x Cushies (12,5% Mixed Case discount)
  • 4x BetterDry (10% Volume discount)

What means diapers by ABUniverse

Hereby is referred to all diaper products that we manufacture. This includes all products except:

  • BetterDry
  • Crinklz
  • Tena

What else is excluded?

The new LittleKings and AlphaGatorZ do not offer any volume discounts at this moment.