Mixed cases

The way we handled mixed cases in the past has now changed. We replaced the old method with a different method. 

In the past, we offered fixed discounts on 4 and 8 packs. So, your 5th or 9th pack wouldn't be covered by discounts. This has changed fundamentally, now you receive a discount starting 4-7 and 8+ packs.

We also stopped selling mixed cases as their product, now the discount will be automatically applied once you have 4+ packs in your cart. Please see the discount rates below.

Discounts at checkout will not be shown per product, rather they will be shown as a total.

Your discounts will be applied in your cart.

Mixed case discounts

These discounts will apply whenever you have different packs in your cart.

As example:

  • 2x PeekABU
  • 1x 4-Tape Bunny Hopps
  • 1x DinoRawrZ
  • 1x Cushies

This would apply a 20% discount on all diapers by ABUniverse.

Number of packs Discount percentage
4-7 Packs of ABUniverse diapers 20%
Offbrand diapers (Tena, Betterdry, Crinklz) 0% 

Volume discounts on ABUniverse Diapers

These discount will apply whenever you have 4+ amount of the same product e.x. PeekABU in your cart.

As example:

  • 4x PeekABU

This would apply a 20% discount.

To receive a volume discount on ABUniverse Diapers, just add any diapers by ABUniverse to your cart.

Number of packs Discount percentage
4-7 Packs of ABUniverse diapers 20%
8+ Packs of ABUniverse diapers 25%
4+ Packs of PowerUps™ Europe 15%
4+ Packs of BetterDry 10%
4+ Packs of Crinklz (all versions)
4+ Packs of Tena (all versions)


Can I mix both discounts?

It is possible to mix volume and mixed case discounts in your order.


  • 2x PeekABU Medium (20% Mixed Case discount)
  • 2x Cushies (20% Mixed Case discount)
  • 4x BetterDry (10% Volume discount)
What means diapers by ABUniverse

Hereby is referred to all diaper products that we manufacture. This includes all products except:

  • BetterDry
  • Crinklz
  • Tena