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Standard Stickers

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€4.75 per 5pk

ABU Standard Sticker Store

Your diaper your way, who said Simple has to be boring?

Add custom fun to your diapers! ABU's Sticker Store offers oodles of cute designs to choose from to spiff up your every-day diapers! Craft the perfect diaper to take you back to your baby days (years ago, not yesterday ya big baby) with their simple but colorful scenes.

Our Diaper Stickers are super easy to apply, simply peel and stick on any landing zone for added adorable ABU fun! For superior Diaper Sticker experiences, we suggest applying your sticker on ABU Simple or Simple Ultra for the best results. Add a pack (or two) of your favorite stickers to your shopping cart now and have some uniquely stickered diaper fun time today!

Sticker Features

  • All stickers are 8 x 4 inches.
  • Each Sticker Pack Represents 5 stickers.
  • To choose multiple single artist sticker packs click an icon below to go to that artists sticker page.

WARNING: Stickers will encourage playtime and cause bedtime difficulty!


Aito Stickers

Chu Stickers

Wen Stickers

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